Do-It-Yourself doesn’t have to mean do it all by yourself.

blade sharpening

Bring in your knives, scissors, lawn-mower blades, and more and we'll sharpen them.

key cutting

Need a second or third copy of a key? stop on in and we'll your keys while you wait.

screen repair

We can easily repair your screens, just drop them off and we'll make them like new.

glass cutting

We have glass and Plexiglas that we'll cut to size for your repair needs

white glove delivery

We deliver patio furniture, grills, and bagged goods.

pipe cutting

We can cut black pipe, cast pipe, and more. Stop on in and see how we can help.


Alpharetta & Crabapple

Kitchen knives are very easy to sharpen, which is fortunate because most of them are left rattling around in drawers or abused in a variety of ways that dulls them very quickly. However, most kitchen-knife users seem to be satisfied with the condition of the knife as long as the cutting edge is keener than the back of the knife. The tolerance for dull knives is amazingly high in most kitchens.

The practical test of sharpness for a kitchen knife is whether or not it will slice soft vegetables, meat or bread. In all three uses, you do not want a knife with a classically sharp edge; you want a slightly serrated edge, a sort of combination between a knife and a saw.


Alpharetta & Crabapple
If you’re a homeowner, business owner, renter, or you have a home office, you’ve probably been in a situation where you could have used an extra key. If not, then consider yourself lucky because it’s only a matter of time!
You may be surprised to learn that making a key copy is not only quick and painless, but cheap as well. If you’re on the fence about whether to get a key duplicated or not, consider the wide range of benefits:
  • Prevent accidental lockouts: Having a trusted friend or family member or a secure location with a spare copy of your house key can ensure that you’re never locked out of your home for long.
  • Convenience for your family: If you have multiple people living under your roof, having spare keys for each member of your household or family can make life easier for everyone. If everyone has extra sets of keys and can lock and unlock the doors for themselves then it frees up everyone’s schedule; or someone can be there to help during an emergency situation.
  • Fast key replacements: This may seem obvious, but having a spare key makes it easy and fast to make replacements of any type of key. If you lose your key or it breaks then making a copy will be impossible unless you have a spare from which to cut a new one.


Alpharetta & Crabapple
Whether you have a rip in your window screen or you need a screen door repair Urban Hardware has the materials, tools, and knowledge to fix it for you. Why deal with the hassle of buying a roll of replacement screen, finding a place to store it where it won’t get damaged, and then dealing with it taking up space for how little you’ll really be using it?
The better idea is to just bring your damaged window screen or screen door into Urban Hardware. We offer a fast, easy, and economical on-site repair service for any and all damaged window and door screens. Let us do the hard work for you and save your money and energy for projects you really want to do.
We stock several different materials, sizes, and densities of screen mesh, and we can either rescreen an existing frame or provide new frames and screens. Our window and screen door repair services include:
  • Choice of materials
  • Choice of size of mesh, from standard mesh to both wider or tighter
  • Heavy-duty screens
  • On-site screen fittings
For more information on screen repair and fitting call or visit your local Urban Hardware and speak with one of our friendly sales representatives. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff will be more than happy to help you with whatever service or advice you need.


If you’ve got an antique picture frame finding a replacement piece of glass that fits perfectly can be a nightmare. A lot of old frames don’t conform to standard sizes, and a sheet that’s the correct size off the rack simply might not exist.
Cutting glass yourself isn’t worth the risk of lost materials from an improper cut or accidental breakage, not to mention the potential danger from the razor sharp edges of cut glass. Better to get it done right the first time without any fuss. The 1/8” glass is delicate and hard to work with even if you’re experienced in cutting other types of glass.
A better idea is to come to Urban Hardware. Our skilled and friendly staff can quickly, easily, and economically cut as much as 36” by 36” of 1/8” glass to the exact size you need. Let us do the hard part so that you can move on to the next stage of your project.
Sometimes glass isn’t the best option to protect your picture. For those looking for something more durable we also cut 1/8” plexiglass. Our machines can cut pieces of plexiglass up to 30” by 60”.
Why worry about the details of something as exacting and unforgiving as glass cuts? Let the staff at Urban Hardware handle it and save yourself time and money so you can hang up that picture frame and move on to your next project.
Come visit us today or call us with any questions. We look forward to working with you on your next project!


Alpharetta & Crabapple
We want your Urban Hardware experience to be as convenient and as trouble-free as possible, from the moment you pull up to our location to—when necessary—the moment we pull up to yours.
We are happy to offer white glove home delivery service to our customers. Please speak to the Urban Hardware team for more details.